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Case Story Video Elements

Below are prototype elements of Elixr video case stories.  These elements may be used separately, or combined, to support a workshop theme on an exemplary teaching practice and supporting  resources.  Please post your feedback on the videos in the Forum at the bottom of each section, or send it directly to to Lou Zweier at

Note: Quicktime 6 or later is required for viewing the videos.  It may be freely downloaded at:

Case Story Trailers

These are 1 minute or less pieces that are designed to entice the viewer into further exploration of the Case Story.

FLC FLC Trailer for the Faculty Learning Community process.4/27/2007 3:23 pm 6 MB
1st Day of Class Class 1st Day of Class Class Trailer for the 1st Day of Class case story.4/13/2007 12:34 am 3 MB Trailer for the Active Learning Groups in Organic Chemistry case story.4/27/2007 3:28 pm 4 MB

Informational Videos

These clips provide explanation and "fly-on-the-wall" examples of particular teaching techniques.

DP Bluebook Quiz (2:14) DP Bluebook Quiz (2:14) Dr. Don Paulson, CSU Los Angeles, shares a technique to get students to class on time and better prepared.1/31/2007 10:18 am 46 MB
DP Fishbowl (2:58) DP Fishbowl (2:58) Address students gaps in understanding.1/31/2007 10:18 am 80 MB
DP Minute Papers (0:48) DP Minute Papers (0:48) Formative feedback technique.1/31/2007 10:19 am 16 MB
DP Group Work (1:40) DP Group Work (1:40) Increase student engagement though group work.2/9/2007 2:30 pm 9 MB

Affective Videos

These are reflections by instructors and authors addressing “how did it feel” and “what did it mean to me” questions about the teaching practice.

KN The_Problem (:53) KN The_Problem (:53) Dr. Ken Nakayama, CSU Long Beach, reflects on lack of student participation in class.2/2/2007 10:31 am 6 MB
KN Benefits (1:43) KN Benefits (1:43) Dr. Nakayama reflects on the benefits of active and cooperative learning techniques.2/2/2007 10:35 am 11 MB
KN He is Encouraged (:49) KN He is Encouraged (:49) 1/31/2007 10:22 am 3 MB
DB The Human Element (1:00) DB The Human Element (1:00) Dr. Diego Bonilla, CSU Sacramento, reflects on the balnace of human contact vs using technology in teaching.1/31/2007 10:22 am 3 MB
Stu Satisfaction with Tutorials (1:11) Stu Satisfaction with Tutorials (1:11) Dr. Bonilla's students talk about their experience of using self-paced tutorials to learn technical skills in his class.1/31/2007 10:23 am 2 MB
Stu Transfer to other classes (:37) Stu Transfer to other classes (:37) A student of Dr. Don Paulson, CSU Los Angeles, reflects on transfering learning skills from one class to another.1/31/2007 10:24 am 1 MB
KN Facilitating Active Learning (1:00) KN Facilitating Active Learning (1:00) Dr. Nakayama reflects on how cooperative learning encourages non-judgment and collective responsibility.2/9/2007 2:58 pm 5 MB