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Download Instructions

For those needing to use a case story (or it's videos) for professional development activities when you are “off-line” or not connected to the Internet, the presentation is available in a downloadable format. The downloaded case story will play in your web browser from your local computer.

The download also includes the videos from the presentation, formatted for use with PowerPoint for both Windows (.wmv) and Mac (.mov). These file formats are appropriate for other presentation graphics programs too. To determine the media filename of the video you want, navigate to the video within the case story presentation, then click the " i " button underneath the video. The filename of the video will be displayed.

If you are not familiar with how to use video in PowerPoint (or other presentation graphics programs), consult the manual or help files for that program.

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Agreement to Terms

Users who download the case stories for off-line faculty development activities agree to the following:

  1. That attribution to the ELIXR project and the url to the ELIXR website be provided in whatever context the downloaded cases are used.
  2. That wherever possible, the online version will be used, and users will be pointed to the online version, to ensure that they are using the latest version and so that ELIXR can meaningfully track the use of its materials.
  3. That the content of the case stories not be modified without the permission of the case story author(s).
  4. That individual elements of a case story (video, text, etc.) not be modified and/or re-used as part of another work without the permission of the case story author(s).